Kauai’s Up And Coming Superstar Re-Signs Deal With Rip Curl

One of Kauai’s brightest teen surf stars, Alana Blanchard has signed on for another 2 years deal with the Rip Curl Family. Alana’s progressive surf style is sure to be a threat at this year’s NSSA Nationals and Rip Curl couldn’t be more happy to have her onboard the surf team.

Alana has a healthy list of achievements thus far in her career including numerous NSSA victories and a spot on the prestigous USA Surf Team alongside her best friend and surfing partner Bethany Hamilton.

Alana possesses a very mature surfing style, equipped with strong manuevers through the lip and her signature “eagle winged” cutback, a definite threat to any competitor. With the 2005 NSSA Nationals nearing, Alana plans on spending some time on the mainland, putting in serious hours out in the Lowers’ Lineup.

When she’s not competing in NSSA events, Alana will be stepping up her game at various WQS around the nation.

This young superstar is hot in and out of the water and if you see her coming, you better hope she’s not in your heat!

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