“Mind Body Surf” Part 3: Behind The Scenes With Kelly Slater


“Mind Body Surf” is a three part video that delves deep into the psyche of 9x ASP World Champion Kelly Slater, playing in its entirety at quiksilver.com/ks9. The film features exclusive footage from Kelly’s record breaking 2009 season along with personal insights and archival footage. The webisodes break down as…

Mind Webisode: See archival footage from Kelly’s career and find out why being in tune is key to his success.

Body Webisode: Find out secrets to Kelly’s longevity through training and diet.

Surf Webisode: Go along for the ride as Kelly takes you through highlights of his 6 win 2009 season, see behind the scenes footage of his 9th world title celebration.

For our extensive wrap-up of Kelly’s championship season check out Revolution Number 9 here.

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