Keto Burns And Quincy Davis Take East S.A. Prime Titles

Mother Nature threw everything she had at the Surfing America Prime East at Ponce Inlet, FL on April 5 and 6, but it wasn’t enough to put a damper on the froth of all the best under 18 year old surfers on the East Coast.

Set up on Monday saw howling sideshore winds with blowing sand. The banners on the scaffold had to be removed so the scaffold structure didn’t blow down.

The weather was looking ominous for the morning with radar showing a major front bearing down on the central coast of Florida. The first heat hit the water at 8:30 AM and 9 minutes later a bolt of lightning hit the Ponce Jetty, putting the event on hold until the storm front passed.

4 hours, 1 inch of rain and 30 kt offshore winds later, the storm passed and we were given the OK to resume the event.

We managed to almost catch up with the schedule by running until 6:30 PM. That evening the wind switched to gale force NE winds. It drummed up some fun shoulder high plus waves, but the surf was coming in at five second intervals with major wind chop. The kids made it look fun as they ripped their way into the finals and coveted slots into the Surfing America USA Championships at Lower Trestles in June.

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Results of the Surfing America Prime East – Ponce Inlet, FL

Boys U18 Division
1st Nathan Behl 12.50
2nd: Keto Burns 11.60
3rd: Cam Richards 7.87
4th: Jake McGuire 6.80

Girls U18 Division
1st: Cierra Cunningham 7.6
2nd: Jasset Umbel 5.3
3rd: Nikki Viesins 4.47
4th: Emily Ruppert 2.16

Boys U16 Division
1st: Noah Schweizer 13.66
2nd: Cam Richards 11.93
3rd: Luke Marks 8.67
4th: Giorgio Gomez 5.23

Girls U16 Division
1st: Nikki Viesins 11.10
2nd: Emory McClary 8.23
3rd: Leldon McClary 6.67
4th: Maddie Peterson 6.30

Boys U14 Division
1st: Luke Gordon 11.57
2nd: Luke Marks 8.74
3rd: Stevie Pittman 6.90
4th: Billy McGarry 5.54

Surfing America Prime East Season Champions
Boys U18: Keto Burns
Girls U18: Quincy Davis
Boys U16: Noah Schweizer
Girls U16: Nikki Viesens
Boys U14: Luke Marks

Local NSB boy Noah Schweizer held things down at his homebreak to take the Boys U16 season title. Photo: Dugan/ESM

New Smyrna Beach boy Noah Schweizer held things down close to his homebreak to take the Boys U16 season title. Photo: Dugan/ESM