Killing Of Pregnant Bull Shark Sparks Public Debate

This one's a tough call. First off, how do you know it's pregnant of you're some dumb kid and not a marine biologist? Second, what the f—k is a nine-foot Bull Shark doing off a short pier?  You make the call…

Bull Shark

At least these good ol’ boys are going to eat it…Photo courtesy

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ST. PETERSBURG — The nine-foot bull shark caught by two teens off The Pier on Wednesday was pregnant with multiple pups, said a state scientist who performed a necropsy.

Brent Winner, an associate research scientist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, said he did not make an exact count, but bull sharks typically give birth to up to 12 pups.

The bull shark killing has prompted strong public reaction on, the Web site of the St. Petersburg Times, reinvigorating a simmering debate over the wisdom of catching declining species and killing them as trophies.

Some readers condemned the bull shark killing, while others point out that what the teens did was legal under state law, which limits shark fishing to one per person per day.

Joshua Lipert, 19, and Robert Korkoske, 16, spent two hours fighting to land the bull shark, one of the deadliest fish in the sea, then displayed it in the back of a pickup for curious onlookers in the parking lot of The Pier. They said they used sting rays as bait that they caught earlier.