LA Times Article On Andrew Doheny

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The 15-year-old, the top surfer for his age group in the nation, is home schooled so he can travel around the world in pursuit of his passion.May 7, 2008

There are 21 surfboards lined up against a wall of Andrew Doheny’s bedroom. Like perusing a shelf full of books, he carefully chooses one, then heads to the beach to experience his daily ritual of riding waves.

Doheny is only 15 and lives with his parents in Newport Beach, but he already is on his second passport, having surfed in Indonesia, Fiji, Australia, Brazil, El Salvador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru and Nicaragua.

While friends attend nearby Newport Harbor High, he surfs at dawn, at noon and at dusk, choosing to be home schooled so he has flexibility in his surfing and travel schedules.

“I don’t think there’s a better life,” he said. “I think I’m the luckiest kid in the world.”

Volcom, a surf apparel company based in Costa Mesa, pays Doheny a retainer fee, making him a paid athlete before he’s old enough to drive. Sponsors take care of his trips, shoes, clothes, surfboards, fins, sunglasses . . . anything and everything associated with surfing. All they want in return is their name and products associated with Doheny.

“He’s oblivious to his finances,” his mother, Angela, said. “The check comes in the mail and I put it in the bank. He asks for $5 every morning for breakfast.”