Local Kids Score With Another Grom Project, “Videos N’ Grub, An Event That Benefits Layers Of Kids In The San Diego Community

This fun event combines watching surf and skate videos, eating food, competing for trivia game giveaways and a brand-new “Give N’ Score campaign to raise clothing and action sports equipment donations for military families’ youth.

Solana Beach, CA -On Tuesday, October 26 from 6 — 8 p.m. at Pizza Port in Solana Beach, local kids are invited to meet up for fun and the opportunity to give back to other kids in their community. $10 gets a kid dinner and a drink plus a raffle ticket. Show up with a clothing or equipment donation for another kid and get five more raffle tickets for each item.

Local San Diego Grom Project team rider Brent Reilly had a great idea — to give a bunch of his new and hardly-used clothing and surf and skate equipment to kids who could really use a lift since their moms or dads had been shipped to Iraq.

Grom Project founder and executive director Kim Hellman was so inspired by Brent’s generosity that she created an entire giving campaign around Brent’s idea, calling it “Give N’ Score and decided to launch it immediately at the October 26th event.

“Brent’s creativity and generosity is perfect — it’s why we’ve chosen him as one of our very special athletes to represent our ideals across the nation and around the globe.

“Since all of the kids representing the Grom Project are fiercely competitive in their own sports, we can only hope that they’ll all try to outdo each other in this arena of creative philanthropy as well. We look forward to carrying on specific campaigns that are inventions from each of our team riders.

Local photographer Ramon Purcell of RCP Photo will show up and talk with the kids for a few minutes about being a professional photographer and getting to travel around the world with amateur and pro surfers. The trivia giveaway lets everyone have a shot at winning videos, t-shirts, backpacks and other prizes from companies like SoBe, BurnOut Suncare, Gravity Skateboards, Dakine, Wahoo’s Fish Taco, Boomerang Surfboards, OAM and many more.

The Grom Project is dedicated to educating, inspiring kids to build a better future, using action sports as the medium. The Grom Project network and website provides resources that kids need to make great things happen.

For more information about the Grom Project, please visit www.gromproject.org or call Erin O’Leary at 760.434.5287. Mahalo!