Made Adi Putra-“Bol” – 4.7

Made Adi Putra-“Bol”Age: 20Height: 5’4″Weight: 120 lbs.Hometown: Kuta, Bali, IndonesiaSponsors: Volcom, Dragon sunglasses, Sequence surfboards, Dove Wetsuits


You might have noticed a few pictures of a Balinese surfer named “Bol” last year in some of the American surf magazines. But you probably don’t know much about the guy unless you’ve actually met him. Until recently, his sponsors weren’t doing much to get him known. Well, it’s about time we all learned more about Bol, ’cause he’s on fire. Bol is a local of Kuta who grew up close to Halfway, Kuta Beach. At a very young age, he grew away from the rest of his family and started taking care of himself on the beach. When he was nine, his uncle Wayan Gantiyasa gave him a broken board, and from that moment on, not a day went by that Bol didn’t surf.Now a smooth, fast, radical surfer, twenty-year-old Bol can change direction at high speed and totally destroy any wave he rides. He also carries a bag full of different aerial tricks with him each time he enters the water. He usually surfs at Halfway or Canggu with “the boys”-a tight-knit group of Kuta surfers including high-profile rippers like Rizal Tanjung, Wayan “Betet” Merta, and Pepen Hendrik. Bol and the rest of the boys like a party, and you can often see them out at busy Bali nightspots like Paddy’s and Double Six.Bol is extremely committed to and focused on becoming a professional surfer, and he understands the importance to his sponsors of the image he presents in and out of the water. He’s been sponsored by Volcom Indonesia since November 2001, when the company’s owner, Ketut Kasih, offered him a contract. Bol happily accepted. But his friends wondered how the hard-partying Bol’s relationship with Kasih, who usually insists that his teamriders always keep clean, would develop. Bol is philosophical about the matter: “We all need teachers. You have to listen to your teachers, so you don’t become too egotistical or wild. This will be good for me, so I can stop being so wild.”-D. Hump