Mayhem causes mayhem: Top shaper ‘Calls Out’ young U.S pro surfers

Matt “Mayhem” Biolos is not afraid of a little controversy. As the co-
founder of both Lost Surfboards and their clothing brand, he’s seen his fair share.

But it’s his recent post on Instagram following the final of the East Coast Surfing Championships that’s ignited the latest minor firestorm to spark inside our insular surf world.

For context here’s the post (I’ve taken the liberty of cleaning up typos, grammar, etc.; I’m sure Matt won’t mind):

Jean De Silva just won the ECSC 6-star in Virginia Beach, on a Mayhem SubDriver (in Kehana construction). Unfortunately, he felt some overwhelming desire to blatantly cover the logo. I guess he doesn’t want any more boards. On another note, after seeing three Brazilians and one 30-year-old U.S. vet (Nate Yeomans) in the semis, I think it might be time for the young U.S. pros to shut down their Instagrams, suspend their blogs, stop making webisodes, quit chasing girls and parties…And nut the f#&k up and start winning some god damn contests (you boys know who I am talking about). Be time for all you guys to sh#!t or get off the pot. Time to get pissed off and do something or get jobs ‘cuz these Brazilians don’t give a f#&k. They will eat you for dinner. They will take your money … and your chicks.

That he fired off his missive via Instagram is an irony that was probably not lost on Biolos, whose razor-sharp wit and sarcastic tongue are notorious around the “industry.” But coming from a guy who shapes boards for Kolohe Andino, Julian Wilson, Mick Fanning, and a long list of pros young and old, his words speak the truth.

Seventy-two comments later and growing, Biolos’ blast over the bow of the contemporary list of young American surfers is merely the latest addition to a common complaint. Mainly, that young U.S. surfers are lazy, indulgent, spoiled, and unmotivated.

That notion, however, is hardly new. Young, heavily sponsored U.S. surfers, specifically Southern Californians, have long been held in contempt going back at least the to the “Echo Beach” glory days in Newport Beach during the early 1980s. (To be fair, Santa Cruz’s Nat Young and Carpinteria’s Conner Coffin are two young U.S. surfers who’ve done exceedingly well in competition this year.)

Biolos more than anything may have been trying to fire up an isolated group of talented American pros, specifically the GoodLookingHumans crew led by one of his best young team riders: Luke Davis (video of Luke below). Davis’ reply to Biolos’ post–“F#&k!” and then “F#&kinFk”–perhaps reveals the shapers true intent.

Maybe all Biolos needs to do is point out the results of the fairer gender to get a response from the guys. Young American female surfers like Lakey Peterson, Courtney Conlogue, and Sage Erickson’s recent results could hardly be considered ‘underachieving.’

So there ya go boys, you gonna let the girls beat ya?

Photo courtesy Lost Ent