Meet Kekoa Bacalso

Hawai’ian Kekoa Bacalso has been on quite the roll lately. After placing third in a six-star WQS in South Africa, Kekoa came back to America only to win the Lost Juniors in front of thousands of people in Huntington Beach. Oh, and you can’t forget just how good he is on his home turf on the North Shore of O’ahu. It’s hard not expect big things out of Kekoa. Recently we caught him for a few minutes during a Rip Curl trip to Baja, Mexico. Here’s the results:

TransWorld SURF: What are you going to do for your 18th birthday?

Kekoa Bacalso: We’re going to get into trouble. Big trouble.


What kind of trouble?

I don’t know. We’ll find out.

So you just came of your biggest result ever and that was 3rd place at the Mr. Price Pro, a six star. Were you surprised you made it that far?

Umm, I guess I was. I don’t know. I just went surfing and it turned out pretty damn good.

How was it going against all the CT guys just coming off nationals and here you are in a final against CJ Hobgood, Neco Padaratz, and Eric Rebiere?

I’ve challenged CJ before—he pretty much killed me in the heat so I just wanted to go out there and try and beat him. But I didn’t have anything to lose, so I just pretty much went out there and surfed. All good things came.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? I guess you’re just going to follow the rest of ‘QS?

Yeah, I plan to do a lot of the six stars and four stars—the whole package. Just travel around the world pretty much, do a couple laps.

Do you think when it gets to Hawaii, you’ll have a home field advantage?

Definitely at Haleiwa—that’s where I surf pretty much all the time.


Do you train for surfing?

Not right now, but I know when I go home I’m going to get worked cause we got a little trainer guy named Kimo. And we just go to Comsat (a road on the North Shore) and run up and down the hill and do all kinds of cardio stuff. That’ll be a big help for me, definitely.

What do you like to do besides surfing?

Hang out with the boys.

Who are the boys?

The boys are Joel (Centeio), Fred (Patacchia)—all those guys. And I got my non-surfer friends and my hometown boys.

Are you tired from all the traveling you’ve done—you’ve come straight from Hawaii to here (Mexico)?

Yeah, it’s a drag, definitely. You get kind of weird and stuff. But I’ll live. I’ve been home for a day so at least I had a sneak peak at what’s happening at home.

Did anything exciting happen to in South Africa?

Getting third. (Laughs)

Anything else?

We went to the wave house and I got worked a couple of times—got some shacks. But we didn’t really get to do anything. We pretty much concentrated on the contest the whole time.

What’s that thing on your eye? Where did that come from?

F-k you.

Post note: Kekoa slid his face across the bottom of a Baja beachbreak and came out with a big strawberry on his face.