Mentawais Season Wrap Up

The 2004 Mentawai surf season has sadly come to an end. In our honest opinion, this season was pretty average overall. The best surf this year turned out come mid-April – late May; mid June; and late August – mid September. Surprisingly, this season did not produce any bombing 12 foot swells but all in all we managed to stay in a relatively consistent 4-6 foot range and every trip had at least a few days that they will never forget – that’s the beauty of surfing here.

This season we experimented with having a full-time staff photographer, Dave Collyer, on our trips for almost the entire length of the season. Dave spent exactly 100 days in the Mentawai’s this year and literally took thousands of photos to document his experience. We highly recommend checking out our website as we have updated all of our photo galleries and other images throughout the site with his work; otherwise, if you’d like to see Dave’s chronological look at the year please visit his website for the complete rundown from his perspective.

Dave will be back with Saraina Koat Mentawai in 2005 – if you’re interested in getting the best photographer possible on your next Mentawai trip feel free to contact him at

Wave of Compassion
In other news, I’ve recently returned from the Wave of Compassion trip with Surfer Magazine, FUEL TV, and five very supportive and kind pro surfers and two stoked sweepstakes winners for a special event benefitting Surf Aid International – a non-profit organization that helps the people of the Mentawai Islands community utilizing malaria control initiatives and community development programs: here’s what they had to say about it:

Saraina Koat Mentawai (SKM) Surf and Cultural Tours co-owner, Anthony Marcotti, sought a way to give back to the community, in which his company operates. Utilizing innovative corporate social responsibility, SKM headlined a group of sponsors, including Quiksilver, Billabong, Reef, Patagonia, RVCA, FUEL TV and Surfer Magazine, and turned a vision into a Wave of Compassion. All of the money raised will benefit SurfAid’s Malaria Control Project.

The trip was amazing! Perhaps one of the most lasting treasures from the whole two-week experience is that it didn’t just benefit those on the Wave of Compassion boat. Thanks to the great mix of people and skills onboard, the men, women and children living in the villages, where SurfAid is active, benefited from it as well.

The grand prize winners were Jack and Dani Bunnell from Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. When they were told they had won, one of their first questions was, “What can we personally do for the people we will encounter in our travels? As a dentist, Jack immediately saw the potential to help.

And help they did. When the Wave of Compassion event stopped off in the SurfAid target village of Taileleu to see some of the work achieved to date, Jack, assisted by Dani, conducted a dental hygiene session for the village children followed by a clinic.

Meanwhile, the equally important task of making the children laugh was left in the expert hands of Strider Wasilewski, Ben Bourgeois, Conan Hayes, Keith Malloy and Dave “Rasta Rastovich, as they played with the children. The shrieks of laughter could be heard for miles. (When Rasta fell off the see-saw, they probably could have been heard in Australia!)

“Kids, man!” Rasta later summed up, “Kids touch people like nothing else and what an experience for them to go through, growing up in a world where they see their elders working for the benefit of others. I mean, what better message could you send to the next generation than unconditional love and compassion?

Huge thanks to all those who took part, especially the sweepstake winners, Jack and Dani, who were brilliant additions to our team. Big SurfAid thanks also goes out to the pro surfers who brought so much enthusiasm a genuine interest to our cause. Your support inspires us to greater efforts. Thanks to the media crews from Surfer and FUEL TV who captured the magic, to the sponsors who made it all possible and last but by no means least, our wonderful, welcoming Mentawai hosts.

Surfer magazine hits the stands in December. The FUEL TV show will go to air December 26th Whatever you do, don’t miss either. Surfer has the whole scoop on the Wave of Compassion event and is written by Surfer’s star writer, Steve Barilotti, with supporting pictures by the incredible Jeff Divine and Scott Bass. The all-talented Justin Krumb and Sonny Miller caught the action on video for the FUEL TV show .

Sunday, December 26, 2004 | 10:30 pm EST, 1:30 am EST

Saturday, January 1, 2005 | 3 pm EST, 6 pm EST

Sunday, January 9, 2005 | 7 pm EST, 2 am EST

Saturday, January 22, 2005 | 3 pm EST, 6 pm EST

Preview the Wave of Compassion slideshow or pre-register for next year’s event at

Special thanks to Saraina Koat Mentawai:

Special Thanks
Saraina Koat Mentawai would like to especially thank, besides all the people mentioned above: Rory and Jo McMahon, and Tim Robbins for allowing us to use their boat, the Midas, on the Wave of Compassion trip. We’d also like to thank one of our very own, Un, and Un’s Cultural Tours, for taking 15 people into the jungle for an overnight visit during this trip. Trekking into the jungle was definitely the highlight of the trip and Un made everyone feel as comfortable as possible, and everything was as smooth as a coconut.

2005 Schedule and Availability
Now that we’ve got 2004 behind us we’re anxiously looking forward to a safe and prosperous 2005. Next season we’ll have the same surf charter boats available with one exception. We’ve decided to drop the Sembilan from our team and in its place have added the “Mikumba”. The Mikumba will assuredly be one of the most sought after boats next season. It is 100% exclusive to Saraina Koat Mentawai which means a trip on the Mikumba will be as effortless and professional as possible. It is a monstrous boat made of the best wood in the world for boats of this nature. The interior has been decorated with both function and fashion in mind – definitely a great boat for a couples trip! Best of all, the Mikumba will be available to explore the uncrowded areas north of the Mentawai’s also known as North Sumatra.

If you’re interested in a trip next season now is the time to start planning to ensure that you get the dates you want, on the boat you want, and possibly get the photographer you want.

Website Additions
1. New Features: We’ve added a number of new Mentawai related features for you to check out:

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3. Photo Galleries: No other surf travel website can come close to the amount of high quality photos we have on the site; we’ve just added 13 new slide-shows!

4. Un’s Cultural Tours: If you want to make your Mentawai surf trip a real experience spend a few extra days before or after you surf and let Un take you deep into the jungle. This trip will soon be featured in Surfer Magazine and on FUEL TV:

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Hopefully, we’ll see a lot of you next season, as always feel free to call or e-mail us anytime.

Terima kasih, Anthony Marcotti
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6. Make a Reservation: We’ve updated our forms to make it as easy and painless as possible to set up your next trip:

Hopefully, we’ll see a lot of you next season, as always feel free to call or e-mail us anytime.

Terima kasih, Anthony Marcotti
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