Miss December 2012 Unveiled

Stacia Stabler
Stacia Stabler
Stacia Stabler
Stacia Stabler
Stacia Stabler
Stacia Stabler
Stacia Stabler
Stacia Stabler

Miss December 2012 Unveiled

Congrats to 25-year old Bend, Oregon resident Stacia Stabler! Like a true Oregon girl, the stunning brunette isn't afraid to get a little snow between her toes. We caught up with her to ask about that ice-cold shoot and her relationship with uncle Gerry…

TransWorld SURF: Occupation?
Stacia Stabler: I'm a student for two more months then heading to SoCal to do sales and more modeling!

Seaside, Oregon

Are you a surfer girl?
I just started surfing last summer in Kauai and it was the best time ever! Definitely going to keep going! I could live on the beach.

Regular or goofy?

Got a boyfriend?
No, I prefer the single life for now… but if you know any nice surfer guys let me know!

Secret and/or hidden talent?
I bake some wild desserts.

Favorite beach in the world?
So far, Poipu, Kauai. It's heavenly there.

Turn ons?
Adventurous, outgoing, down to earth, and a challenge is always good.

Turn offs?
Lack of motivation, players, and selfishness.

What would your last meal consist of?
Definitely pizza and cookies—lots of cookies.

How did you end up with a Gerry Lopez shaped board?
I met Gerry recently because he also lives in Bend and he wanted to help me out with the shoot! It was so fun meeting him and seeing his shop where all the creative madness goes down.

What led you to do a shoot in the snow?
I like a little adventure so braving the freezing temps was actually really fun. What was hilarious was the families' snow shoeing in the mountains stopping and waiting for me to take off my blanket to see what was underneath. I just laughed it off and had fun.

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For her efforts, Stacia will be sitting pretty in a new bikini of her choice from B. Swim and sunglasses courtesy of Spy Optic. To enter the TransWorld SURF Model Search email your photos to Please include name, age, hometown, and some info about yourself. You must be 18 to enter.

Miss December 2012 Stacia Stabler
Miss December 2012 Stacia Stabler