Monday Mailbag: Your Questions Answered


Monday Mailbag: Your Questions Answered!

Why are girls (in general) worse surfers than guys? You would think that since they’re more flexible they would be more fluid in their style than guys, but that’s not the case. There are a lot of girls that rip, but how do you explain the ones who’ve been surfing for years and don’t?
Morgan O’Rorke
Los Angeles, CA.

The battle of the sexes, perfect for Valentine’s Day! First off, style isn’t a man or woman thing—anyone (no matter their sex) can have a rank style. As far as why men (in general) surf better than woman I think it’s a physical thing—guys just have more muscle mass in the shoulders and upper body.

I want to start off saying that I love the magazine. I have been getting it myself since ’07, but stealing my brother’s since ’04. I’m a huge fan of the Hurricane issues due to surfing on the east coast my entire life. But something about the March issue dealing with Hurricanes really bothered me. Where is New Jersey? I mean we got hit with surf from Igor too. But you just skipped right over our small state. I know you probably think all Jersey is fist pumping, GTL, hair gel, and spray tanning now, but you haven’t seen how people rip in Ocean City, or Belmar. I just want a little respect for the real Jersey shore.
New Jersey

If you took the time to check out our web site, you’d see a lot of images from Ocean City, New Jersey. Matter of fact, one of our senior photographers, Seth Stafford, lives in the area. As far as Jersey not making the cut in our previous Hurricane Issue, the reason for that is we got better images (due to better surf) from nearby New York. You’re right though, everyone thinks of the Jersey Shore douchebags anytime you mention your great state…bummer for you.

Did you guys see that picture of the two White House staffers carrying surfboards as they leave Air Force One after the boards1Obama’s returned from a vacation in Hawaii over the holidays? Look at how the guy on the right is holding his board (a fine looking Tokoro pin tail). Who carries a board with the wax side pressed next to their body – especially when they’re wearing a suit? That’s just not right.
Bob H.
Santa Cruz

What’s not right is giving those two boards away to a dude who only bodysurfs!

I need to buy a new board. My current board is 6’6″ which I bought when I weighed 185. I now weigh 220 and it isn’t as fast as it used to be. I’ve read a lot of surfers are riding boards shorter than they are and wider than usual. I am 6’2″ and ride waves that are mainly waist to shoulder high. What size board should I buy?
Mark Warren

Hey Mark, your board isn’t slower, you just got fatter after packing on 35lbs. Anyway, look into a board of similar length but at least 20” wide and with a fuller nose and tail outline.

My boyfriend and I both surf, so this Valentines Day I made him a “wave bouquet” out of pictures from my latest issue of TransWorld SURF. It even smells like flowers because I used one of those smelly perfume advertisements to make some of the petals. Just wanted to share this with you and thank you for featuring more female surfers in the mag, you guys rock!!
Wilmington, NC

That’s so sweet. Were there any Reef girl butts visible? That would really sweeten the deal.