NSSA Nationals Underway At Salt Creek

While surfing this morning at Salt Creek, the funniest thing I heard went something like this …
As the announcement to clear the water for the first heat of the 2006 NSSA Nationals was called out, fat and out of shape kook fun-board rider A, says to fat and out of shape fun-board rider B, “F–k these kids, they’re gonna have to compete with us!
Dude, you do not want to go there–the youth of today will smoke your fat ass in a heartbeat.

The Hawaiians, led by Dusty Payne, Kai Barger, Clay Marzo, Tonino Benson, Carissa Moore, and Bethany Hamilton were warming up early as was the California contingent of Tanner Gudauskas, and Kolohe Andino. After seeing these kids surfing this morning, it’s clear that the future of American surfing is in good hands.

The NSSA Nationals will be held at Salt Creek from today until Saturday and then move south to Lower Trestles from the 27th until July1.

For more info go to www.nssa.org

Click here for heat times www.nssaorg