Ocean & Earth Team Up With Kelly Slater


Sydney Australia December 9th, 2009 – Komunity Project and Ocean & Earth International Pty Ltd are proud to announce the signing of a new business joint venture with 9 times World Champion Kelly Slater. Under the new joint venture with Komunity Project, Kelly Slater, Terry Hardy and Ocean & Earth International will be the major shareholders.

"I'm excited to take the next step in the evolution of my original vision for the design and creation of the finest surf accessories. Ocean & Earth International are a perfect partner for Komunity Project given their experience and expertise with these products," said Kelly Slater.

The KP brand will be expanded around the globe via existing and new country distributors, also at the same time we will be consolidating and rationalising the manufacturing, distribution and logistical operations already in place via Ocean & Earth International. KP to date has been distributed by Quiksilver globally, and will still be stocking the KP products in there stores around the world moving forward.

A lot has changed in the surfing world since the early 90s when Kelly first launched the K Grip brand. Komunity Project products reflect those changes by incorporating features designed by Kelly Slater. In addition to Kelly on the team and also involved with the development and direction of the brand and new products, new riders will be added in the future and there is no shortage of surfers that want to be part of it "said Harry Hodge.

"We are glad that we were able to work with Kelly on the development and launch of his brand Komunity Project. Komunity Project is Kelly's vision of what surf accessory products should be.  We have had a long standing relationship with Ocean & Earth and are happy that we were able to connect Kelly with Ocean & Earth to further enhance Kelly's vision." said Quiksilver Inc. Chairman & CEO Bob McKnight.

Under the new arrangement Harry Hodge has been appointed as the Chairman of Komunity Project. Harry is also currently the Chairman of Quiksilver Europe and a Director of Ocean & Earth. Paul Munten Ocean & Earth International CEO has also been appointed to the board of KP. Paul will be overseeing both Ocean & Earth International and Komunity Project operations globally said Harry Hodge.

Ocean and Earth's brand globally has been built its reputation in the surf and snow markets for the last 30 years. Ocean & Earth International is three years into a global expansion program and is also currently reviewing other offshore companies that have expressed interest in distributing the KP brand, "selecting the right distribution partner and one that fully understands the breadth of the Komunity Project product lines is instrumental to us gaining further traction in the global market. We are very confident that our new partnership will help drive increased awareness and growth for the Komunity Project brand globally" said Paul Munten.

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