PacSun USA Surf Team: Week Long Trials Culminate With Words From Legends Bob Mcknight And Pete Carroll

Making the PacSun USA Surf Team is no cake walk. There are literally thousands of rippers from coast to coast hitting up Coach Joey Buran every day, pleading for a chance to be invited to the trials; no easy task to turn away exuberant teenagers for the sophomore coach. “There’s tons of kids who would be grateful to be in your position,” Buran constantly reminds his 2009 team of 30, which he widdled down to those sixteen (twelve starters, three alternates) dexterous youngsters to travel to compete in the 2009 ISA World Surfing Junior Championships in Ecuador this late March (March 28 – April 5 to be exact).

All photos: Carl Steinder

This past week, the PacSun USA Surf Team has been at it from sunup to sundown (in wet and wild conditions, to clean and rippable, to blustery and meager). Each day of the training week in Huntington Beach saw a different task, tougher heats, and continuous indispensable lessons from Coach Buran. Their days’ of the week looked like this: ‘Statement Monday’, ‘Movement Tuesday’, ‘Separation Wednesday’, and ‘Selection Thursday’ (On Friday the sixteen listed below will experience Championship Friday, which by the way, includes a pep talk from USC Football Coach Pete Carroll)

For these sixteen who will represent USA overseas in a month and a half, they have earned their ‘Championship Friday’ when they will battle it out amongst each other for trial position, and know they have earned themselves a true honor. The final preparation stretch for Ecuador starts with these selections, and as Coach Buran expressed to his team, “Enjoy the moment, but don’t be satisfied.” -Ryan Brower

We’ll have a meet-and-greet look at the squad, and Coach Buran’s thoughts on this 2009 PacSun USA Surf Team tomorrow, so stay tuned…

Girls U18

Courtney Conlogue

Lani Doherty

Kaleigh Gilchrist

Lakey Peterson

*Alternate – Taylor Pitz

Boys U18

Fisher Heverly

Evan Thompson

Chase Wilson

Nat Young

*Alternate – Balaram Stack

Boys U16

Kolohe Andino

Connor Coffin

Ian Crane

Evan Geiselman

*Alternates – Jacob Halstead, Colin Moran