Photo Gallery: On Location In The Caribbean

On Location In The Caribbean

After a ten day run of non stop action that saw the entire Caribbean turn on in early November, the swell maps went quiet. The ever reliable train of cold fronts that blast off the eastern seaboard and into the Atlantic during the winter had seemingly derailed; leaving the United States in a period of record winter warmth and the Caribbean to deal with a groundhog day holding pattern of high pressure windswell and average surf.

Fortunately, February kicked off with a multitude of cold fronts—corresponding perfectly with a pre planned excursion to the windward islands to work on an upcoming TransWorld SURF project with Benji Weatherly, Nate Tyler, Dylan Graves, Ben Bourgeois, Oliver Kurtz, Brian Toth, and others.

Check the gallery above to see a small preview of some of the waves the boys have been surfing.

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Josie Graves. Photo: Stafford/SPL

Below are a few random iPhone snapshots from the trip thus far…

Benji Weatherley has shaped himself close to a hundred surfboards in his career, even riding them in his sections in the infamous Taylor Steele Campaign movies. Here, he passes along his knowledge to an eager Dylan Graves, working on shape number 3.

The surf hasn't been amazing everyday, and some serious golf bouts have been going down. Benji and Brian Toth (pictured) both have skills on the course.

Oliver Kurtz is not a horse whisperer, this white stallion angrily chased him back to the car moments after this photo was taken.