Pick Your FASL Team Today!

If you haven’t already picked your Fantasy Action Sport League team for the Billabong Pro Jeffrey’s Bay what are you waiting for? The event could start Thursday so get on it! Go to FASL, register, and create your team today.

I just made my picks, check ’em out:

Kelly Slater
He currently costs $48 million and is worth every penny.

Jordy Smith
$45 million for the big South African. Hopefully the pressure of performing in his native SA won’t get to him.

Fred Patacchia
I’m a sucker for goofyfoots and picked up the power-monger Freddy P for a cool $37 million.

Bobby Martinez
Like I said, I’m a sucker for the right foot forward crew… even if they cost $43 million.

Jay Thompson
I’m banking on “Bottle” to surf well. The waves should be well overhead which is to the big guys liking… I like his price of $9 million.

Sean Holmes
After picking up Slater, Jordy, Bobby, etc. I had to find a bargain. Wildcard surfer Sean Holmes ($3 million) should do the trick.

Shaun Jobert
Another wildcard who comes cheap ($2 million) but could do some damage.

Andy Irons
If the Andy Irons I know—the guy who the World Title three times—shows up then I’ll be laughing at the AI haters.