Pineapple Express – Makua Rothman

In the latest issue of TransWorld Surf, Da Hui team riders Makua Rothman and Sunny Garcia were whisked away to New York City for our first ever bikini issue. Late nights in cigarette-smoke-filled bars and clubs ruled the evenings while “working” with supermodels took up their time during the day. Figuring a “New York minute” is a year in Hawaiian time, how did the Hawaiians handle? Just fine, thank you. I caught up with 19-year-old Makua after he got back from Australia and this is what he had to say…


TransWorld Surf: How was it working with those girls?

Makua: Brah, it was pretty amazing. I never thought I’d meet any of those supermodel chicks, but somehow I did. They were cool. There was one who thought she was fuckin’ all-time-but she was shitty.

Sunny told me his wife Reina busted him a couple times checkin’ out the girls, even though he was wearing dark glasses. Did you have any problems like that?

I don’t think Reina gives a shit if Sunny checks out chicks.


What about when you told the chick she looked like a Barbie doll?

She did! Fuck, she looked like a real life Barbie doll. She freaked out. She thought she was all hot shit and she was the ugliest one there!

What did you guys do at night?

Club P.M. brah. Those guys are so cool. I think the guys name is Jamie Mulholland. Club P.M. in the meat district.


How did the whole thing go over with your girlfriend?

What could she say? That’s what I gotta do (work).

On to a different subject, what do you have going on this summer? Any travel plans?

I’m going to Tahiti in a week-and-a-half. After that the Mentawais with Koby and Pacheco guys. Kenworthy and J.D. (photog and video dudes) are going, too. After that I’m going on a boat trip with Kala (Team Captain for Da Hui) – something he set up.