Prologue – 4.8


10 Trips

“My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been.”-Diane Arbus

In this magazine you’ll find a travel guide. We’re not pretending it’s super comprehensive or even somewhat imaginative-it’s basic by design. It’s purpose is to provide a starting point for surfers who haven’t traveled extensively yet and to give some direction to those wanting to expand beyond the world they know intimately. To achieve this we chose ten locales that form the foundation of surf travel: each destination possesses different strengths and challenges, but all share something in common: reliability. By that we aren’t just referring to consistency of swell (though that is probably the single most important reason a surf trip will be considered either a success or a failure), but also the established travelability of a place-safety, variety of breaks, nightlife, and culture all come to mind.

Our ten destinations aren’t the most exotic surf adventures known to man, they are the meat and potatoes of surf travel, and they hold that distinction for a reason-they’ve proven themselves over and over. Trips to places like El Salvador, the Philippines, the Maldives, and Somalia are great for surfers with tons of experience who have the money and time to attempt to pry open the oysters that protect the pearls of the surf world, but most of us have limited budgets, a finite number of vacation days, and a distaste for being taken hostage. We’re looking for the right mixture of fun, fear, adventure, and confusion, and we have to find it with limited resources. The beauty of travel is that if you haven’t been there, it’s brand new, regardless of its relationship with the beaten path.

The truth is, most experienced travelers envy the novice traveler; they still have in front of them one of the most amazing experiences known to the human range of emotions: to be somewhere totally unfamiliar for the very first time. They are worth envying in equal proportion to everyone who’s never read Vonnegut, or been drunk, or fallen in love.The adventure begins on page 84.-Joel