Quiksilver Groms Raid Nicaragua

Quiksilver Groms Raid Nicaragua

It’s not everyday that young, aspiring pro surfers are given the opportunity to leave the comforts of their local stomping grounds and be thrown into the heaving beachbreaks of Nicaragua. And more importantly, have their entire approach to the surf (both their strengths and weaknesses) critiqued by former WCT surfer Chris Gallagher.

With our travel dates booked long in advance, it was a pleasant surprise to see the trip coincide with a healthy south swell. A quick four day mission, the groms had no time to get used to the surf—and they threw themselves into it headfirst. While winding down at night with stuffed bellies, the daily footage was complied and viewed. The heckles were brutal yet good natured.

Surfing is becoming a major sport and it’s encouraging to see companies, in this case Quiksilver, step up and re-invest in their athletes. Sure these kids are sponsored and they have certain perks that come with that, but this trip was about recognizing goals, building a proper foundation, creating friendships with other team riders and locals as well as having fun. Every kid left with words of wisdom scattered through their mind from Gally and hopefully a better understanding of their surfing. Either way, they got barreled in warm water while California was knee high and foggy. Success!—Ryan “Chachi” Craig

John Mel Nicaragua

John Mel eyes a nugget up the beach in Nicaragua. Photo: Ryan Craig