Quiksilver King And Queen Of Groms Winners

La Piste, Capbreton, France
Sunday 7 August 2005:
Brazilian Wiggolly Dantas has been crowned the Quiksilver King of the Groms after a strong victory over Tahitian Tamaroa McComb in a man-on-man final in half-metre (two foot) surf at the famous beachbreak of La Piste, in Capbreton, France.

Dantas, 15, from Sao Paulo, came from the trials to win a place in the 48-man main event. His victory now gives him trials slots at three elite ASP World Championship Tour events – the Quiksilver Pro Japan (August 31 – September 7), the Quiksilver Pro France (September 23 – October 2) and the Quiksilver Pro Australia in March next year.

The goofyfooter (right foot forward) Dantas was in phenomenal form throughout the event, consistently scoring 9-point rides. He knocked out the number one seed, Australia’s Owen Wright, in the fourth round and then, after defeating Reunion Island’s Damien Chaudoy in the quarter-finals, said: “I am just going to get into the final and win it.”

And that’s exactly what he did. Dantas, the biggest surfer in the event, scored an emphatic victory over one of the smallest surfers, McComb, by 11.50 – 8.00 points in the final. More than 1,000 surfers from nine major surfing regions around the world had contested the elimination rounds of the event and McComb had won the Tahitian round.

The new “King” Dantas was so overwhelmed by his win that he started to cry midway through a post-final interview during the live webcast on quiksilver.com

“I always wanted to win this event. I was focused on winning from the start,” an emotional Dantas, who started surfing at the age of three, said.

In the final, Dantas waited patiently for the larger set waves while McComb took off on anything he could stroke into. Dantas was impressive with his vertical backhand attack and he even managed one solid, backside air reverse 360°.

Dantas narrowly defeated France’s Marc Lacomare in the semi-finals, by 15.00 – 14.00, and he said his other hardest heat was against the top seed, Australian Owen Wright in round four, which he won by 14.75- 14.00.

McComb had a strong win over Costa Rica’s Killian Raust in the other semi final, 13.00 – 9.35.

Crisanto Peterson (Bra), Damien Chaudoy (Reu), Pablo Pola (Fra) and Brent Reilly (USA) placed equal fifth.

Dantas now has the opportunity to win wildcard slots into three of the most prestigious events on the ASP World Championship Tour. If he makes it through the trials, he could meet top seeds like six-time world champion Kelly Slater and current world champion Andy Irons in the main event of the Quiksilver Pro in Japan, France and Australia. Quiksilver will fly him to the events with a chaperone and it could be the start of a major professional surfing career.

The Roxy Queen Of The Groms final was hard fought with local knowledge paying off for French surfer Alizé Arnaud who took the honours from young Basque Garazi Sanchez, with Marie Dejean (France) third and Canelle Bulard (Reunion Island) in fourth.

Quiksilver King Of The Groms
Final: Wiggolly Dantas (Bra) 11.50 def Tamaroa McComb (Tah) 8.00

Semi-final 1: Wiggolly Dantas (Bra) 15.00 def Marc Lacomare (Fra) 14.00
Semi-final 2: Tamaroa McComb (Tah) 13.00 def Killian Raust (CR) 9.35

Quarter-final 1: Marc Lacomare (Fra) 13.25 def Crisanto Peterson (Bra) 11.90
Quarter-final 2: Wiggolly Dantas (Bra) 16.50 def Damien Chaudoy (Reu) 8.90
Quarter-final 3: Killian Raust (CR) 9.10 def Pablo Pola (Fra) 9.00
Quarter-final 4: Tamaroa McComb (Tah) 12.50 def Brent Reilly (USA) 11.55

Roxy Queen Of The Groms

Final: 1. Alizé Arnaud (Fra) 12.50. 2. Garazi Sanchez (Euk) 8.65.
3. Marie Dejean (Fra) 7.85. 4. Cannelle Bulard (Reu) 4.00.

For more information on the event please visit:www.quiksilver.com