Rasta’s Ripping Sequences From The Mentawais

Dave Rastovich
Dave Rastovich puts on a display of impeccable positioning and technique at Bankvaults in the Mentawais. Sequence: Caliang/Kandui Resort

Let me preface this post by saying that, despite what my co-workers believe, I am not gay for Dave “Rasta” Rastovich. There may be a bit of a man crush going on, but it’s a very masculine man crush. I just like (okay, love) the way he surfs. After witnessing his act during our recent Billabong Surf With A Pro trip to Kandui, I’m convinced he’s easily one of the best surfers in the world—top five for sure.

Case in point: check out the sequence above where Rasta, sitting way up the reef from the pack, takes off on one of the bigger waves of the session and gets a two-section barrel before doing the biggest flyaway loop pullout I’ve ever seen. This 6-8 foot day at Bankvaults was no walk in the park, either, and more than one camper had his ass handed to him.

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