Reef | TWS Celebrate Earth Day In Oceanside

Reef | TWS And Friends Celebrate Earth Day In Oceanside

Technically it wasn’t even Earth Day, but in our eyes, every day should be Earth Day. That said, last week at Buccaneer Beach in Oceanside we teamed up with Reef, Billabong Wetsuits, HDX Hydration Mix, Hayden Shapes, Waste To Waves, Global Surf Industries, Marko Foam, and a slew of eager friends and volunteers to clean up one of local beaches.

According to Reef President Jeff Moore the office was closed and they had 98% employee participation (leaving one to wonder what happened to the remaining 2%). A few of Reef’s local team riders showed up as well, including Nick Rozsa, Mike Losness, and Rob Machado. Rob dove headfirst into the clean up efforts and was spotted picking up cigarette butts bare handed. While Rob’s efforts are commendable, he was one-upped by a couple of guys who hopped onto SUPs and paddled into the stagnant pond behind the beach. That’s where the real gnarly shit was and after a short time they had bags full of rubbish including used condoms and other disgusting things irresponsible humans leave behind.

After scarfing down breakfast burritos from the Buccaneer Galley and scouring the beach for trash, the crew enjoyed a well-deserved rip sesh in the knee-to-waist high peaks, that were, at least for a day, free of debris.

While it’s great that we all got together to clean this one beach, as surfers, it’s our responsibility to keep the beaches and oceans clean every single day. That means picking up trash when you visit the beach, and admonishing those who litter. Like Rob said, it should be Earth Year, not just Earth Day.—JC

Reef Beach Clean

Reef's Mike Losness and Rob Machado at the Reef | TWS Earth Day beach clean up. Photo: JC