Results From NSSA Southeast Conference Contest Number One

Amazing, as it seems, the Southeast Conference kicked off the 2003/04season in July at Sebastian Inlet in good 3-5 foot surf! DJ Smithopened up the season with a huge win in the Open Men’s while AdamWickwire, Taylor Brothers, Evan Geiselman and Ashley Francis took doublevictories.

Southeast Director Frank Cifarelli reports that a lot of new talentedsurfers were on hand. Standouts in the Open division included DJ Smithwho took the big “V” in the Open Men’s division with solid surfing inthe fun Sebastian conditions. That was DJ’s first ever win in the OpenMen’s. Adam Wickwire’s rail driving turns proved too much for hisopponents as he took double victories in both Open and ExplorerJuniors. Taylor Brothers won his division in the Open Boys but steppedit up a notch to take an impressive victory in the older Explorer Boysdivision. Same goes for nine-year-old Evan Geiselman who claimed it inthe Mini Groms and then turned up the heat in the older Menehuenedivision to take first. Ashley Francis was ripping the Inlet and cameup big with twin wins in the Open and Explorer Women’s. Harry Gilbertwas pulling off the nice maneuvers to clinch the Explorer Men’s whileAnthony Paserelli came up big against a strong group in the Mastersfinal. Tom Cook slashed his way to the win column in the Seniors.

The next event on the Southeast Conference schedule is Open and Explorerevent #2 at Sebastian Inlet on August 16-17. The event is 5 star ratedand worth double points so you don’t want to miss it! And stand by fortake-off! The NSSA O’Neill Airshow series is set to launch at thisevent.

1-DJ Smith
2-Jensen Callaway
3-Dan Cruden
4-Mark Dawson
5-Adam Wickwire
6-Jamie Rotsch

1-Adam Wickwire
2-Chase Parker
3-Jensen Callaway
4-Marshall Alberga
5-Kelsey Strickland
6-Matt Sabatino

1-Taylor Brothers
2-Nick Rubb
3-Kedren Fererro
4-Jeff Dillon
5-Evan Geiselman
6-Chase Locke

1-Evan Geiselman
2-Forrest Johnson
3-Matt Lopez
4-Nathan Colburn

1-Harry Gilbert
2-Chris Hess
3-Ryan Michelson
4-Mark Dawson
5-Rylan McCart
6-Chris Davis

1-Adam Wickwire
2-Sean Tubbs
3-Jamie Rotsch
4-Chris Duff
5-Harry Gilbert
6-Jensen Callaway

1-Taylor Brothers
2-Chase Parker
3-Matt Sabatino
4-Caleb Couture
5-Cody Davis
6-Nick Rupp

1-Evan Geiselman
2-Taylor Brothers
3-Kedren Ferrero
4-Nick Rupp
5-Chase Locke
6-Travis Klosky

1-Ashley Francis
2-Erika Badida
3-Christa Alves
4-Megan Artymowyez
5-Marissa Guthrie
6-Sara Taylor

1-Anthony Paserelli
2-Lindino Benedet
3-Brad Bailey
4-Scott Pritchert
5-Chris Davis
6-Lynn Meyers

1-Mike Karol
2-Matt Bettina
3-Ricky Carroll
4-Jeff Dillon
5-Tom Cook
6-Nick Gregory

1-Tom Cook
2-Dave Smith
3-Ricky Carroll
4-Craig Colburn
5-Jim Tolliver
6-Bill Miller

1-Bill Miller
2-Steve Gant