Results From The Eighth Annual Donnie Solomon Memorial

8th Annual Donnie Solomon Memorial Event
Sat. & Sun. February 7 & 8, 2004
Surfers Point, Seaside Park, Ventura, California

ASP International sanctioned event for professional surfers.

The Pro-Am Open Mens event took place on Sat. The Championship Tour ratedevent was held on Sun.

This was a fund raising event for the American Red Cross in memory of DonnieSolomon. Donnie was a volunteer Red Cross representative for the VenturaChapter and a top ASP rated Professional Surfer who was taken from us whilesurfing Waimea in December of 1995.

Over the last eight years $40,000.00 has been raised at this event for theAmerican Red Cross, Ventura Chapter. Many surf companies, local businessesand individual contributions were donated towards the raffle that was heldat this event.

A dedication ceremony was officiated by Evan Slater Editor of SurfingMagazine. Three Queen Palms were planted by the City of Ventura. A memorial plaqueand three park benches will be permanently installed around the palm trees.This will serve as a permanent memorial for Donnie Solomon1s legacy as theAmerican Red Cross National and International Ambassador. Thank you to BrentFlaaten and Harold Jones Landscaping for their donation of the three QueenPalms.

Excellent weather and fair surf conditions. Sat. two to three foot waves,Sun. 2 to 4 ft. waves.

Sat. February 7, 2004Pro-Am Open Event: 50 top professional and amateur surfers competed in thisevent.

Total prize money: $2,650.00

1. Henry Mills, Morro Bay $1,000.00
2. Ryan Simmons, Seal Beach $500.00
3. Chris Drummy, San Clemente $350.00
4. Dylan Slater, Ventura $250.00
=5. Micah Byrne, Huntington Beach $150.00
=5. Mike Hoisington, Huntington Beach $150.00
=7. Dave Hopkins, Ventura $125.00
=7. Nick Kovack, San Diego $125.00

Thank you to all of the competitors who participated in this event andhelped to make it such a success. The PRO-AM event featured topprofessionals and amateurs, Keoni Cuccia, Tom Curren, Scott Finn,Sean Hayes, Danny Nichols, Adam Virs, Bron Heussenstamm, James Pribram, DaneReynolds, Chad Wells, David Pinto, Anthony Petruso, Austin Ware.
Sun. February 8, 2004
Championship Tour Series 4 * Rated Event

Good weather and surf conditions. 2 to 4 foot waves

Super Groms
1. Jimbo Borland, Topanga Canyon
2. Gavin Hamilton, WestLake Village
3. Dewey Wojcik, Shelter Cove
4. Shawn Burns, SantaCruz

1. Cheyne Gusmeroli, Newbury Park
2. Nat Young, Santa Cruz
3. Joseph Aaron, Capistrano Beach
4. Chad Underhill, Santa Cruz
5. Cody Bertrand, Huntington Beach

Junior Men
1. Charlie Stevens, Carlsbad
2. Pierce Flynn, Ventura
3. Ryan Peterson, Oak View
4. Garrett Carpenter, Newbury Park

1. Bryson Greaves, San Diego
2. Jason Carroll, Oak View
3. Kengo Satomura, Los Angeles
4. Kaoru Murayama, Huntington Beach

Open Men
1. Charley Stevens, Carlsbad
2. Bryson Greaves, San Diego
3. Brent Flaaten, Camarillo
4. Paul Spencer, Carlsbad

1. Grant Hueth, Santa Cruz
2. Taichi Maruyama, HuntingtonBeach
3. Paul Spencer, Carlsbad
4. Paul Tokunaga, Culver City

Senior Men
1. Terry Gillard, Imperial Beach
2. Kensho Shida, LosAngeles
3. Brent Flaaten, Camarillo
4. Brett Jordan, Ventura

1. Pat Schlick, La Mirada
2. Rick Fignetti, HuntingtonBeach
3. Scott Lewis, Los Angeles
4. Bart Yarnold, Channel Island Harbor

Junior Longboard
1. Joseph Aaron, Capistrano Beach
2. Chase Stavron,Capistrano Beach
3. Chase Vittiitoe, Long Beach
4. Jimbo Borland, Topanga Canyon

Open Longboard
1. Terry Gillard, Imperial Beach
2. Jeff Belzer,Camarillo
3. Zak Fritz, Dana Point
4. David Paquin, Manhattan Beach

Open Prosthetic
1. Ron Warren, San Pedro
2. Rodney Roller, Oceano
3. Dana Cummings, San Luis Obispo

Open Bodyboard
1. Blake Peterson, Encinitas
2. Mark Quiros, RedondoBeach

Super Gromettes
1. Kirra Kehoe, Santa Monica
2. Ginger Wojcik, ShelterCove
3. Betsy Ansorage, Los Alamitos
4. Betsy Ansorage, Los Alamitos

1. Raquel Bartlow, Long Beach
2. Erin Lewis, Ocean Beach
3.Teo Dinger, San Diego
4. Jasmine Lyons, Fountain Valley

Open Women
1. Emiko Hoshino, Torrance
2. Terumi Nakajima, HuntingtonBeach
3. Kate Tehaney, Bolinas
4. Jill Hawtrey, Huntington Beach

Womens Longboard
1. Erin Lewis, Ocean Beach
2. Stacy Ross, SanClemente
3. Karen Katz, Mendocino
4. Megan Rogers, Del Mar