Results From The O’Neill / Surf Ride Grom Prix In Oceanside


The O’Neill / Surf Ride Grom Prix kicked of at Oceanside pier with a solid 3 to 5 foot south swell.

“Groms started lining up in the parking lot at 6:00 in the morning. The event was immediately filled with 60 kids when we arrived at Oceanside,” said Garth Tarlow, O’Neill team manager.

All the grommets were going off in the water for the first couple of hours until the event went on fog delay for one hour. They started getting a little restless and began to look for other ways to win free stuff. As we all know groms will do just about any thing for free stuff. One of them took a permanent marker and drew all over himself. For his efforts he won a pair of Smith sunglasses.

After the fog lifted the event was back under way with some insane surfing by all the groms. There were several standouts in the event including Shay Yates, Dustin Payne, and Jeff Lukasik.

The sportsmanship awards goes to Dustin Payne for his generosity when he won a full suit and gave it to second place finisher Jeff Lukasik who happened to not be sponsored, nice work Dustin. Mother Nature will definitely be sending you a few set waves for that.

Everyone had fun who participated in the O’Neill Surf Ride Grom Prix. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back next year.

The results as follows:
13 & under
1. Dustin Payne
2.Jeff Lukasik
3.Andrew Doheyne
4.Brian Doheyne
5.Colin Anderson
6.Benny Martin
1.Shay Yates
2.Leandro Usma
3.Nico Becerra
4.Nick Garcia
5.Scott Cole
6.Johnathan Dupont