What's in Dane Reynolds' Beat Box?

Sunny Day Real EstateThe Rising Tide


InterpolTurn On The Bright Lights

Black Cat MusicHands In The Estuary Torso In The Lake


And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead …

The Secret Of Elena's Tomb


Like heroin, sex, The Simpsons, and cigarettes–this album is highly addictive. It only has five tracks, which is kind of like giving a crackhead half a rock. The crackhead will always try to smoke this small piece of crack over and over, which is what you'll do when you hear this album (but you'll be listening to it instead of smoking it). This most recent release is, simply put, a masterpiece. There're traces of Love As Laughter, Sonic Youth, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on this album, but the band's originality shines through on all tracks. Look for bonus videos and Web site stuff on this disc.–C.C.


Song In The Air


Lush, beautiful, and engaging would be three words to describe the sound of Elliot. The band rolls seamlessly through spiraling strings, guitar walls, pounding drums, Radioheadish pianos, calming vocals, and cosmic noise. Elliot has somehow bridged the gap between Sunny Day Real Estate and Sigur Ros. This band shouldn't be labeled emo just because its songs are emotional, it should be labeled beautiful. File Elliot under these words: dreamy with an edge. If you like this band, you may also like Shipping News or The Get Up Kids.–C.C.

The D4


Hollywood Records

This band plays some good denim-jacket-wearing, tight-pants-filling, garage-rocking punk. Not the poppy one-two, one-two type of shit we've been hearing. The D4 is in the vein of The Stooges, Johnny Thunders, or Radio Birdman. Check it out if you like the sound of those shits.–C.C.

The Murder City Devils


Sub Pop

This band will destroy you ears, head, and heart. Bottom line–go buy this Murder City Devils album. It's made up of all-live tracks from shows during 1996 to 2001. This amazing band has since broken up, which is horrible news for fans of awesome rock music. After hearing this album you'll probably get pissed off at the band for breaking up. This band is garage-punk-rock, booze-filled, barroom-brawling, screaming, emotional, indie-metal. Get this now and be murdered by The Murder City Devils.–C.C.

Sonic Youth

Dirty (Deluxe Edition)

Geffen Records

The purveyors of guitar noise Sonic Youth has released a special treat in the form of an expanded version of its 1992 album release of Dirty. This two-disc set features the original song list with another whole album worth of B-sides and unreleased songs.

For its initial release, the band partnered with legendary filmer-extraordinaire Spike Jonze to make the video for its song “100%,” featuring Jason Lee and Guy Mariano skating in L.A. Best music video ever. Best band ever. Best album ever. Sorry, I got a little carried away, “Sugar Kane” just started playing through my headphones. I got caught up in a moment of bliss. Sonic Youth fans around the globe will like this rerelease.–Eric Sentianin

The Testors

Complete Recordings 1976—1979


Apparently this band was too punk for the rest of the world. The band members dodged record deals, got super f–ked up every second of the day, dressed like they just crawled out of a Dumpster, incited riots, burned bbridges, and even got kicked out of Canada. This is punk rock at its finest and filthiest. If you're a fan of real, raw punk rock, get this album. The Testors rocked CBGBs and Max's with the likes of The Cramps and The Ramones. Johnny Thunders probably hated the Testors because they were just as cool as he was. Think about it this way, John Ries from Rocket From The Crypt loves this band so much, his record label rereleased it's whole catalog.–C.C.