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50 Cent (if it weren't so played out) so Arena Mash instead …

The Constantines

Shine A Light

Sub Pop

When music is played from the heart, you'll feel it–especially if it's rock 'n' roll. The members of the Constantines wear their hearts on their guitar straps and pull you in with every note. If the Born To Run-era Bruce Springsteen were in an indie band–it'd be called the Constantines. Think of a brighter version of Fugazi with Joe Strummer or Frank Black on vocals. Bottom line–Shine A Light is one of the best indie-rock albums of the year.–C.C.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Fever To Tell


Out of the garage and into post-punk stardom–Yeah Yeah Yeahs come out rockin' with in-your-face vocals (like Pat Benatar), catchy guitar riffs (like Television), and relentless drum beats (like the White Stripes). After a few Valium, however, Karen O gets all sweet on us, drifting into more sentimental, quiet rock territory on “Modern Romance.” If you like The Liars, Gang Of Four, and all that is post-punk, then check out Fever To Tell. (Just ignore the impulse to dye your hair black.)–David Small


Are You Ready For An Organ Solo?


Are you ready for an organ solo? I said, “Yes, I am,” and got more than a few on this obscure, freaked-out, organ-festival that is Quintron. The cover of the album is what made me grab it (well-placed organ keys and fingertips). When I set the headphones on my ears, I heard some craziness. A man and his organ with some friends adding wild vocals. Think of the B52's having a crazy orgy with Har Mar Superstar, and Deee-Lite.–C.C.

The Jealous Sound

Kill Them With Kindness

Better Looking

This band must've sold its collective soul to the devil, because somehow they have twelve super-hits on one album. You can be sure that MTV and the mainstream monsters will be feasting on this band's guts any day now. All the Foo Fighters wish they could sound like Jealous Sound. Think of Jimmy Eat World eating some Superchunk with a dash of Jawbreaker.–C.C.


Brutality Part 1


The filthy, foul-mouthed, rhyming-machine known as Necro is back with a completely independent record. Necro's skills are apparent, and his D.I.Y. attitude is refreshing in the over-glammed world of hip-hop. Fans of The Ghetto Boys, street-corner freestyling, and even Eminem (whom Necro has dissed many times) will be feeling this disc. Find it at–C.C.



Southern Records

The sounds created by Ui resemble a winding road down a rural countryside as it zigzags its way through thick forest and brush. Chunky bass lines and quick-witted stop-and-go drumming permeate Answers, and upon listening, your ears will hear the distinct sounds of a banjo and a Korg MS-20 synthesizer mixing together beautifully. Fans of Tortoise and instrumental indie-rock will be pleased with Ui–a must-add to the soundtrack of your life.–A.S.

Agent 51

The Red And The Black

Surf Dog

AC/DC meets a male version of The Donnas–introducing Agent 51. This band plays hooky rock with big chords and bigger choruses. These guys like to partty, which is good if you want to be a rock band. If you've been blasting Zeke, Rancid, L.A. Guns, or beer commercials–you'll be blasting Agent 51.–Dirk Enslin

Marilyn Manson

The Golden Age Of Grotesque


Marilyn Manson always delivers the loudest, craziest, goth-metal hits. Some call Manson a musical genius, others call him the devil–they should call him awesome. Drill noises, walls of sound, and chanting masses make every song on this album something you can smash yourself to. Don't be scared, it's only Marilyn Manson.–C.C.

Beehive And The Barracudas

In Dark Love


Beehive And The Barracudas come from an obscure part of the universe where sexy blues-rock collides with funk-mystery soul while shooting vintage phazer-blasts–don't understand? Well, try it out and take a listen to some wild experimental B52's meets an electronic Captain Beefheart satellite. Other references could be made to the Make Up or The Modern Lovers–so you might as well get off your ass and get weird with this disc.–C.C.



Archive De La Morte


Danzig's back with a DVD full of rock videos that'll give you awesome memories of the good old days, when metal was evil. This twelve-track disc features unreleased videos and R-rated versions of classic videos. Different versions of “Dirty Black Summer,” “How The Gods Kill,” “Bodies,” “Sistinas,” and “It's Coming Down.” Top it all off with a live video of “Mother” from 1993. This DVD is a must-have for any human, ghoul, or goblin.–C.C.

Yeah Right!

Girl Skateboards

Compared to the other skateboard companies, the Girl/Chocolate family has an unfair advantage. Not only do they have Eric Koston, Rick McCrank, Gino Iannucci, Marc Johnson, Brian Anderson, and of course, Ty Evans, but they also have Spike Jonze. In case you didn't know, Spike is a product of the skate world. Before making Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, and a couple of the best music videos MTV ever aired, Spike was a skate photographer for TransWorld. He also made Blind's Video Daze and owns part of Girl. Spike is an innovator, and his contributions to Girl's latest movie, Yeah Right!, make it one of the better skate videos in a long time. Also, look for a guest appearance by Owen Wilson (Royal Tenenbaums, Bottle Rocket) … another benefit of having Spike on your side.–Joel Patterson