By Chris Cote


What's In Nathaniel Curran's iPod?

Taly The Taly Show

Jack Johnson On And On

James Taylor Greatest Hits

The Red West In Stores Now Go Buy It

blink-182 Enema Of The State

Coldplay A Rush Of Blood To The Head

U2 All That You Can't Leave Behind

Johnny Cash The Essential Johnny Cash

Michael Jackson Thriller

Lauryn Hill The Miseducation Of Lauren Hill

2Pac Me Against The World

Dr. Dre Chronic 2000

The Notorious B.I.G. Life After Death

Outkast Speakerboxx/The Love Below

Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP

50 Cent Get Rich Or Die Tryin'

Dave Matthews Live At Luther College

Ben Harper Live From Mars

Fleetwood Mac Rumours

Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon


The Strokes

Room On Fire


I wanted to hate The Strokes. They sleep with models, they're a bunch of rich New York prep-school kids, they have cool clothes, and they've already had a super-hit album. Even when I first got this new disc, I was like, “I hate The Strokes. I'm too indie and cool to like this shit.” Unfortunately the album started growing on me like a fungus. The first single off the album “12:51” was an immediate favorite. Then came “Reptilia,” then the rest of the album. Sure all the songs sound alike, sure the drummer dates Drew Barrymore, sure we should all hate these kids with the Midas touch, but we don't. Sorry, I like the new Strokes album–don't hate me. It's a really good album (but I'll probably be sick of it next week).

These Arms Are Snakes

This Is Meant To Hurt You

Jade Tree

Here's some wild indie-thrash for At The Drive-In and Jesus Lizard fans. This disc is on the edge of punk, but its indie sensibilities break the punk mold and smash you. Do you like loud crazy guitars clashing with tech drums and stomping bass? Let's all rock out for a minute.

Explosions In The Sky

The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place

Temporary Residence Ltd.

You can't read anything about this instrumental band without seeing a mention of Godspeed You Black Emperor! or Mogwai trailing close behind. In my world, this is not a bad thing. To be compared to either of these bands is a huge compliment. So if you like those two bands, you'll like Explosions In The Sky. This band got screwed a while back because its album had a picture of a plane crash on it and was released a week before 9/11. Now they have a forest on fire on the cover, but don't take it the wrong way– Explosions had no part in the California fires. Buy this album and travel to a beautiful place. I have to go buy it now because Pete Taras lost my copy.

The Movies

In One Era Out The Other

Gern Blansden

The singer for this band sounds like a mix between Ian Curtis (Joy Division) and Ric Ocasek (The Cars), and that is a good mix. The Movies' singer Timothy James' deep bellowing voice may catch you off-guard at first, but give it a few songs. This band from Boston will grow on you. If you like bands like Beat Happening, The National, or Interpol, you'll like this album. I'm starting to like it more and more with each spin.

The Stills

Logic Will Break Your Heart


When Vice releases a record, I listen to it. Vice seems to be able to tell the future, because this ba is sure to fall into the “next big thing” category. I thought for sure this Canadian band was from New York, just because they sound really cool. says they sound kind of like Echo And The Bunnymen, and I agree. This is a really solid album, and any fan of Interpol, Ash, or Death Cab For Cutie will be feeling it.

The Rum Diary

Poisons That Save Lives


Double drums and a vast array of weird instruments make this Central California band something different. Like a rogue wave in a sea of flat indie rock, The Rum Diary comes correct on every song on this album. When I say come correct, I mean there're no duds on this disc. Their sound is a nice mix of Three Mile Pilot, Mogwai, and Elliott. This album should be in your CD player if you're reading, driving, studying, drawing, or just listening to The Rum Diary. Go get this one now.

Two Great Compilations

Advanced Calculus

These Bricks Are Mine

This beautifully packaged double-set compilation is filled with Pittsburgh's best indie-rock bands. I've never heard of any of the bands listed on the back, but after listening to the album, I became quite intrigued with Pittsburgh's rock scene. The bands all have a math-rock, indie, city sound. If you like Dianogah, Seam, or Don Caballero–you'll like the bands on this comp. Just go buy this thing and discover some great sounds.

Buddyhead Presents: Gimme Skelter


Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the best compilation of the year–Gimme Skelter. Hosted by the one-and-only Iggy Pop, this comp features music from such ruling bands as Mudhoney, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Burning Brides, Dead Meadow, Beehive And The Barracudas, Weezer, Wire, The Icarus Line, and more. The lineup alone should tell you how ripping this disc is. If you don't like at least two of the bands on this comp, you should put plugs in your cauliflower ears for the rest of your life.



Punk And Disorderly

Josh Pomer

Josh Pomer has been on the video scene for long enough to know the ingredients for a good surf video–action, action, action. In his latest effort titled Punk And Disorderly, Josh brings you California's best rippers shredding all over the place. Barney and his alter-ego Roid open the movie, and then the screen is covered in constant awesome surfing. This DVD is a must-see if you want proof that California (and Ireland) have amazing waves.

Circle One


Evan Valeire's barrel at the beginning of this movie is all-time. What the hell, it's the craziest barrel ever. This is another great film from Quiksilver and our pal Josh Williams. The Kelly footage is fascinating–Strider is a psycho. The soundtrack rules, and the editing is top-notch. Please go buy this movie–you'll be really happy when you watch it, and afterward you will be surf-crazed!

David Cross

Let America Laugh

Sub Pop

David Cross is a genius, so you should watch this behind-the-scenes documentary of his tour. It's proof that Middle America is full of interesting characters. Buy David Cross' comedy CD along with this new DVD.


The Work Of Director Michael Gondry

Directors Label

The next Directors Label release for you to go buy is the Michael Gondry collection. Just like the previous Spike Jonze collection, Michael Gondry has a laundry list of awesome music videos that he's directed. Remember The White Stripes video made from Legos or the Foo Fighters' video for “Everlong,” where Dave Grohl's hands get all big, and he's in a dream and he, like, fights with nunchuks made of logs and shit? Anyway, go buy this DVD.

;Everlong,” where Dave Grohl's hands get all big, and he's in a dream and he, like, fights with nunchuks made of logs and shit? Anyway, go buy this DVD.