Rip Curl Converts Taylor Knox’s Truck To A ‘Veggie Oil-Powered’ Machine

Costa Mesa, CA (Tuesday, February 26, 2008): Known for setting the standard on power hacks and rail gouges in the water, Rip Curl’s Taylor Knox has taken on the task of trying to set a new standard: this time on land. Instead of whining about high prices at the pump, Knox stepped up and converted his diesel-powered Ford F-250 truck into a veggie oil powered machine.

With the financial help of major sponsor Rip Curl, the crew at Grease not Gas performed the procedure at an estimated cost of $3,700. They installed the necessary filters, pumps and a tank that holds 73 gallons of veggie oil.

“It’s incredible,” says Knox. “I’ve only had to fill up a few times since I had it done. There are a lot of places I can go to do it, but I like to go to the Hill Street Café in Oceanside. I transfer all their unwanted grease into the tank, and I’m good to go. After all these years of driving, I can finally get behind the wheel knowing that I’m doing my part.”

Rip Curl USA Marketing Director, Dylan Slater, shares Taylor’s enthusiasm. “It’s unreal having a team rider like Taylor who will take the initiative on something like this. I really hope this inspires people. Any Rip Curl team rider who wants to convert their ride to run on veggie oil, we are going to financially help them get it done- it’s that important.”

Being the only ASP World Tour surfer to make the eco-friendly conversion, Taylor hopes this is infectious to his fellow surfers. “You get that initial investment back in saved fuel costs so fast,” said Knox. “If you have a diesel engine, there’s really no excuse. Who wouldn’t want free fuel?”

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