Rip Curl Grom Search is Officially Underway.

Grom Search is officially underway!

The Rip Curl Grom Search is off to a great start. The first eventwas held at Island Water Sports in Deerfield Beach, Florida

On May 12th, Rip Curl and Island Water Sports of Deerfield beach hosted a surf contest at Deerfield Pier. The Idea was to find the future pro surfers of tomorrow. The Contest (open only to surfers 15 years old and younger) was called the Rip Curl Gromfest. Starting at 8am, the contest lasted all day, and everyone had a great time. With perfect weather and grom sized waves (knee to thigh high) the contest was a huge success. Every contestant that entered won a prize package from all of the sponsors. Thanks to Rip Curl, Island Water Sports of Deerfield Beach, The Eastern Surfing Association (ESA), Electric Eyewear, Stickybumps Wax, and Epitaph Records for all chipping in to make a great event happen. Thanks to for coverage.

12 and Under Boys
1) Advin Denoizzo
2) Mike Marst
3) Kevin O’Neal
4) Jonathon Kendall
5) Anthony Mariano
6) Dino Ricci

15 and Under Boys
1) Keahi Kam
2) Cappy Cheshier
3) CJ Macias
4) Tryston Dezman
5) Harry Gilbert
6) Chris Rubin

1) Ashley McDougle
2) Sarah Taylor
3) Vanessa Eberhardt

Keahi – winner of the U15 Boys

Harry Gilbert goes backhand

Cappy took 2nd place in the U15’s

U12 finalist

Grom action!

U12 finalist