Rip Curl Opens Flagship Santa Monica Store

Surf shop openings of old used to involve a keg of beer and hibachi barbecue. Not anymore. These days it’s all about red carpet, paparazzi, star power, and of course a room full of flatscreen TVs pumping out amazing surf flicks like Windows. and snowboard movie Revolve. Rip Curl’s flagship shop opening in Santa Monica last night provided all the elements, and then some.


Set in the posh 3rd Street Promenade area, the opening attracted a bevy of surf and mainstream celebrities. While many press releases for openings like this often claim all sorts of big stars are “confirmed to attend, Rip Curl actually delivered some of them. Okay, so Nikki Hilton didn’t make it, but Nicole Ritchie did, as well as Andy Dick, and a bunch of other Hollywood and rockstar type of folks who your correspondent didn’t recognize because he’s too poor to have cable television. But I’m sure they were certainly very important, too. And let’s not forget the action-sport athletes as well.

Young guns like Julia Christian, Andrew Gahan, Kekoa Bacalso, and Mikey Klein were all socially lubricated. Bethany Hamilton also made an inspiring appearance. And of course, Rip Curl staffers like CEO Jimmy Olson, team manager Scott “Pod Baneulos, Mike Makos, and Caroline Lindsell were representing, as well as so many more.


Not a bad afterparty either at a club a few doors down. The smart and hairy folks at Freeze magazine premiered The People vs. Brad Holmes, and then danced the night away.The shop looked sharp, thumbs up to Rip Curl for a good multimedia set-up, as well providing an abundance of dancing ladies. Definitely the proper way to break the floor in. Nice job fellas.