Rip Curl’s “Tip 2 Tip” Expedition Scores In Indo

Kicking aside the standard ten day boat trip to the Mentawais, Rip Curl has undertaken a “Tip to Tip” expedition from one end of Indonesia to the other. In this episode, Garut Widiarta, Dean Brady and crew score what was once a secret spot somewhere in Indo. While little is known about the spot seen above, TransWorld SURF has run two covers from the picturesque left and an article called, “The Last Secret Spot On Earth” in 2009.

Here’s this clip’s synopsis from Rip Curl:
On your standard 2-week boat trip, land is just an intangible film reel of white sand, coconut palms and distant mountains flickering on by. On your standard boat trip, you pass by at least one perfect wave a day because it’s just too difficult to reach by boat under such cramped time constraints. On your standard boat trip, it’s real easy to forget what you’re missing over there on shore. Hence the beauty of this mission. On land or off, there are no rules. Every wave is important, just as every person and place along the way is too.