Roundhouse Cutbacks To Rebound With Archie

How To Do Roundhouse Cutbacks To Rebound

[IMAGE 1]Steps One through Eleven.What I look for is a way to get ahead of the section, but not too much ahead of it – you still want to stay in the bowl. You need to give yourself enough room to get around and time it right. First you have to set the rail, and then lean into it. Time it so you’re looking back to where it’s pitching out, so you can get a good bank of it.

I’ve seen a lot of people who don’t go all the back up the face of the wave. As soon as I get around the first cutback part, then I turn it into a backside bottom turn and then a vert backside off the lip. Try to throw your weight into it. See how low my head is down by my tail? When I was a kid I used to watch Kong do that – he throws it way beyond vert, so I sort of put that into it.

Once you come out of it, you’ll get a lot of speed. Setting the rail, turning it into a powerful backside turn, and the backside snap are all important actors. Make sure you turn back the other way! Look for another chance on the wave to repeat the process.[IMAGE 2]