San Diego Surfer Wanted For Ripping Off 92-Year Old Woman; May Be On Oahu

Normally we'd never help the fuzz track down a fellow surfer, but c'mon dude, ripping off the old lady you're supposed to be taking care of? This Raymond George Wilkins guys is giving us all bad name…perhaps Dog The Bounty Hunter will track him down?
Surfer Wanted

Raymond George Wilkins

As reported on www.latimesblogs

San Diego police are searching for a 34-year-old surfer who allegedly stole $13,000 in cash and Krugerrand gold coins from a 92-year-old woman and may have skipped out to Hawaii.

Raymond George Wilkins was acting as caregiver for the victim, police said. He was known in the Pacific Beach neighborhood and is thought to have purchased a one-way plane ticket to Hawaii after the theft. Wilkins, 5-foot-9, 180 pounds and known to favor earrings in both ears, is wanted on a fugitive warrant and can be extradited when found, police said.