Satellite High Prevails As The Red Bull Riders Cup Central Florida Regional Champs


Red Bull Riders Cup, the Premier High School Surfing Tournament, Travels Back to the West;

Next Stop Los Angeles, California May 6-8, 2008  

Santa Monica, California – (April 25, 2008) –The Red Bull Riders Cup hit   Central Florida this week as Satellite High took the win becoming the   Central Florida Red Bull Riders Cup regional champions. The eight   regional finalists travel to California where they will compete at the   Red Bull Riders Cup National Championships June 13-15 at San Onofre   State Beach in San Clemente. 

The third annual Red Bull Riders Cup, formally known as Red Bull High   School Cup, will take the games Los Angeles from May 6-7.  Invited high   schools are Carpenteria High, Ventura High, Malibu High School and   Palisades High.  

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