Shark Bites 63-Year Old Surf Instructor

Shark Bites 63-Year Old Surf Instructor

Supply, North Carolina’s Barbara Corey has been surfing for over 50 years so she’s not going to let a little shark attack keep her out of the water any longer than doctor’s advise. “I’m not giving it up,” she told WWAY-TV. “After 50 years, why stop now?” she said after being bitten on the ankle while giving a surf lesson in her home state.

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Surfing instructor Barbara Corey said she was only worried about her 10-year-old student’s safety when a shark zeroed in on them during a surf lesson at Holden Beach on the North Carolina coast.

Corey, 63, of Supply, N.C., was out in the water for a surfing instruction session with her student, Cassandra Calloway, on Thursday when a shark emerged from the murky water and ripped into Corey’s ankle.

“I was just concerned more about Cassandra, getting her in safely,” Corey told ABC News’ “Good Morning America.” “I was just thankful that there was a foot there.”