Shark Sighting Shuts Down Cape Cod Beach

Shark Sighting Shuts Down Cape Cod Beach As Summer Heats Up

Maybe this shark was just looking for some chums.

A Massachusetts beach was shut down for an hour over the weekend after the dorsal fin of a great white shark was reported off the Cape Cod shore — an early reminder that the tourist haven is becoming a feeding ground for the sea’s most fearsome predator.

A lifeguard on Nauset Beach spotted the shark's tell-tale fin about 150 yards from shore on Sunday, said Harbormaster Dawson Farber of Orleans, Mass.

"The shape and color of the fin led him to believe that it was in fact a white shark," Orleans Harbormaster Dawson Farber told local paper the Cape Cod Times.

The shark is thought to have been as much as 12 to 13 feet long, Farber told the paper, and looked to be headed toward Chatham, Mass.

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