Shaun Ward Interview

The Men’s division of the Vans Pier Classic kicked off today, and I figured there’s no better person to interview about it than last year’s champ, Shaun Ward. He was coming in from a freesurf and laughing at his friends trying to get some girl’s number. It’s Spring Break and there’s a surf contest going on, so the beach around the pier is a total scene right now. Well anyway, here’s what last year’s winner had to say:

So you won it last year, how did you spend the money?

Basically, the money went straight into a savings account and I’m living off it right now.

When do you surf your first heat?

My first heat is going to be tomorrow around mid-day, so I’ve just been surfing mid-day lately trying to get used to the conditions. It’s just another day in Huntington, another freesurf.

Do you now who’s in your heat?

I think I got Rat Boy [Jason Collins], so it’ll be me, him and whoever advances in. It should be fun, me and Rat have surfed a lot of heats together, just good times.

What board are you going to ride?

I’m going to ride a baby swallow Superstix. It’s just a design that he [Hamish Graham] shaped me that works really good when it’s small.

I see no sticker on your board, are you shopping around for a deal in these hard economic times?

Yeah, I’ve been looking for one. It kind of tough, but I’m just going to be patient, and I know something will come to me eventually. I have to do good in these comps to keep the ball rolling.

What do you think your chances are of a repeat?

I just have to get out of the first round and just go from there. Most of the time if I make my first heat, I get going. It’s either out in the first round or in the final, there’s no real middle.

I was talking to Carlson and he was all bummed that he wasn’t going on as many trips because of the recession. You have anything coming up?

Basically, I’m investing in myself right now, using my money to do a couple QS’ events down the round, and go from there. I’m going to France and South Africa and just see how it goes. I’m in the money round, so it’s just show up and make my money back, and if I blow up it’s just that much more in the bank.

Alright, thanks man.

See you around.