Sofia Mulanovich Excited To Be On XTR Flyer

Former 2004 world champion Sofia Mulanovich starts 2008 season on theright foot and the right board winning the first stop of the WCT inAustralia with an XTR “Flyer” shaped by Al Merrick. Sofia was stoked tostart this year with a win and this is what she had to say: “My epoxyXTR works incredibly well. It is really fast. It’s one of the bestboards I’ve ever owned.”

Sofia surfed the entire event with her XTR to a solid win againstSamantha Cornish at Snaper Rocks. “The final started out kind of slow,but then I got a good score midway and from there on I started pushingmy surfing out there,” she said. “My board felt very good out there, andwhen I caught the last wave, I knew Sam was going to need a lot to catchme. I was so stoked.”