South African Locals Have The Edge At Rip Curl Tuberiders

Bluff locals Shane Warren, Ricky Basnett and Paul Daniel will have the upper hand of local knowledge at the Rip Curl Tuberiders, which has a window period from June 20 to July 2 to ensure optimal conditions. Their proficient barrel riding skills will be put to the test in 2m hollow conditions when they’ll come up against the likes of ‘town’ compatriots Byron Howarth, Travis Logie, Jason Ribbink and last year’s winner Simon Nicholson.

“I have an advantage over those who aren’t prepared to charge,” stated a bold Shane Warren (24) who is hoping for the waves to be at least 6 – 8 ft and solid. “I obviously feel that there is a home break advantage as I know how the wave breaks and what it’s going to do, also which sets are going to close out and which are going to be the best,” explained Rip Curl team rider Warren.

“Growing up on the Bluff would give me a psychological advantage over my rivals. However given the nature and venue of the contest it could be anyone’s game – whoever gets the best waves and charges the hardest will end up winning,” said Paul Daniel (21).

Ricky Basnett the talented 15 year old has his money on Paul Daniel to claim the title, but will show his fearless nature when he takes on established surfers twice his age in the Grade one Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Africa Vodacom Surfing Series (VSS) event. The Rip Curl Tuberiders carries a total purse of 20,000 Rand with 10,000 Rand going to the surfer who displays the best tube-riding prowess.