Spring Break Six Pack

6 Trips To Quench Your Thirst For Surf

What elements make up the perfect springtime getaway? Crowded resorts, hedonistic rituals, bargain buffet lines, and regretful memories—or obscure outposts, dusty campsites, bonfires, empty waves, and soul searching?

Luckily, you don’t have to pick just one. You can enjoy all the elements, equal parts shredding and mischief (or whatever percentages you prefer). Spring isn’t the most consistent time of the year surf wise. It’s transitional, with shifting weather patterns, a tapering end to big winter swells, and the start of southern hemi and tropical activity. But not to worry, we crunched numbers, stats, and swell charts in the TransWorld SURF lab to find these six surefire spots for a perfect spring fling. –Mike Fish


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While south swells are usually associated with summer, they’re actually quite consistent in the spring. Ironically, the bottom of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, a magnet for southern hemi energy, is also a Mecca for spring break mayhem. A quick, reasonable flight down the West Coast lands you minutes from the madness of Squid Row (the town’s main party strip in Cabo), and a rental car’s drive from miles of mouth watering point breaks, many of them dreamy righthanders. The beauty of Baja is in its shape: depending on the swell and conditions, you can surf Cabo’s west facing Pacific breaks, East Cape Sea of Cortez wonders, or drive north on either side to really tap into some desolate mysto gems. But you probably didn’t come to a bustling tourist epicenter on spring break if you’re averse to crowds (there’s a Costco in the area and a healthy pack in the lineup at any given prime spot). No matter, when you’re sipping frosty margaritas and macking on co-eds after a week of marathon sessions in balmy weather and water, just a couple hours from home, you’ll chuckle and throw a shaka the next morning when someone drops in on you at Zippers. Just don’t become a casualty of Squid Row.

Get there: Los Angeles-Los Cabos: $375
Wave Consistency: Moderate—Good.
Spots: Zippers, Old Man’s, Monuments.
Boards: Small wave board of choice.
Localism: You’re more likely to get called out by a crusty expat than a native Mexican; but still, don’t be stupid.
Danger: Be smart about watching your possessions and surroundings, and your tequila consumption. And if you’re driving down from California, be especially vigilant around the Northern areas as there’s been a lot of violent crime, kidnappings, and murders in recent months.
Lodging: Mexico with American prices: pricey, especially at the resorts.
Party Scene: Sammy Hagar: “Mas Tequila.”