Superbank Closed After Surfer Gets Bit; Nobody Exits The Water

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Gold Coast beaches were closed today after a teenage surfer had a “nippy” encounter with ether a barracuda or a small shark.

Council Life Guards closed Rainbow Bay and Greenmount and Coolangatta beaches for three hours after the 19-year-old surfer from Brisbane came into shore with a deep cut on his calf.

The man told lifeguards he grabbed the foot-long shark by the tail and “threw it away” after it nipped his calf.

Chief Gold Coast Life Guard Warren Young told the man did not seem too traumatised by the incident.

“The man was not perturbed by the incident. He received preliminary first aid from the Greenmount life guards, before heading for the doctors,” Mr Young said.

“The ambulance was not called, but I expect the man will need a good few stitches.”

Lifeguards patrolled the waters off Greenmount Beach on jet skis between 11am and 1pm and advised swimmers and surfers of the sighting.

“Most surfers stayed in the water. Something small like this doesn’t usually shake them too much,” Mr Young said.