Surf Diva Surf School Makes The Cover of The New York Times

It’s not every day that a surfing company makes the cover of the Sunday edition of The New York Times, but that’s exactly where San Diego based surf school, Surf Diva, was featured last weekend.

The article, written by Matt Higgins, discusses surfing as a growing trend among business professionals and the business elite. He states, “Surfing, once the sport of Hawaiian kings, has come full circle. After becoming a counterculture activity for beach bums and bohemians, it has emerged as a status sport, like skiing and golf.

Isabelle Tihanyi and Caroline Tihanyi were interviewed about Surf Diva Surf School, because the La Jolla surf school has experienced immense growth partly because of the surge in popularity of the sport. Higgins commented, “In addition to trips to Costa Rica, Surf Diva holds about 50 corporate clinics a year in Southern California. Packages can include accommodations, transportation, golf and spas.

Higgins also states in the article, “This new species of surfer contributes to a booming market for vacation packages, instruction, equipment and real estate near some of the world’s best surf breaks. Like golf, surfing has become an ideal activity around which to discuss business. Surfers find plenty of time for talk while driving in search of good spots, while changing into and out of wetsuits in the parking lot, and especially while waiting between sets of waves.

The article features pictures of Surf Diva students attending a Surf Diva Weekend Clinic, one of the school’s most popular year-round programs for women.

On being covered in The New York Times, Izzy Tihanyi said, “We give surf lessons to a variety of people here at Surf Diva, from young kids to adults. Our students come from all over the world and represent many different professional backgrounds. We have certainly seen growth in our corporate clinic packages over the last few years and our Costa Rica program, which also features yoga and massage, is selling out regularly.

Coco Tihanyi commented, “It’s absolutely fabulous that we have been mentioned again in The New York Times and to be on the front page is an amazing accolade for the surf school. It’s also wonderful to see surfing being given such great recognition and coverage by The New York Times!

The New York Times article can be viewed on Surf Diva’s website at