Surfer In Coma After Wipeout At Mavericks

Photo courtesy Jeff Clark/SF Gate

Photo courtesy Jeff Clark/SF Gate

January 23, 2011 : – – A Southern California surfer by the name of Jacob Trette was found face down in the water after reportedly being caught inside when a large set came through at Maverick’s. Trette was reportedly not breathing and unresponsive when found. Fortunately his rescuers, including a nearby kayaker and surf photographer Russell Ord, who was riding a personal watercraft, set him on his side so water would drain from Trette’s airway. After bringing Trette to shore, CPR was performed by emergency responders to help revive him.

Coastside Fire Protection District Battalion Chief Ari Delay said that Trette was taken by helicopter to Stanford Medical Center, where he is reportedly in serious condition after being put in a medically induced coma.  “He got completely sucked over the falls,” said Jeff Clark. “He tried getting over the left side, which is way gnarlier. He was way too inside.”

Without a personal watercraft present, there is a very good chance that Trette may not have made it out of the water alive. And Maverick’s photographer Don Montgomery emphasized that point, since personal watercrafts have recently been banned from use off the Northern California coast unless a high surf advisory is issued. “It’s NOAA’s fault,” Montgomery told Surfline. “They won’t allow boats out there unless it’s 20-foot. And today was 12- to 15-foot, but this one giant set came in…if boats were out there, that kid could’ve been saved quicker.”

While contest organizers decided not to run The Jay at Maverick’s Big Wave Invitational today due to inconsistent conditions, a massive swell measuring 16-26 feet hit Maverick’s, attracting a large number of big wave surfers. More information to be provided as it comes.

TransWorld SURF would like to extend our condolences to the Trette family and wish him a speedy and healthy recovery.

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