Surfing America Prime Santa Cruz Highlights

Results Of The Surfing America Prime Presented By Got Milk?
Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz,
January 20 & 21, 2013

Boys U18
1st Jake Davis – Capistrano Beach, CA
2nd Griffin Colapinto – San Clemente, CA
3rd Kevin Schulz – San Clemente, CA
4th Nolan Rapoza – Long Beach, CA

Girls U18
1st Meah Collins – Newport Beach, CA
2nd Steffi Kerson – Pacific Palisades, CA
3rd Danielle Wyman – Laguna Niguel, CA
4th Frankie Harrer – Malibu, CA

Boys U16
1st Griffin Colapinto – San Clemente, CA
2nd Colt Ward – San Clemente, CA
3rd Colin Deveze – San Clemente, CA
4th Nolan Rapoza – Long Beach, CA

Girls U16
1st Meah Collins – Newport Beach, CA
2nd Tia Blanco – San Clemente, CA
3rd Kylie Loveland – Carlsbad, CA
4th Malia Osterkamp, San Clemente, CA

Boys U14
1st John Mel – Newport Beach, CA
2nd Noah Hill – Marina Del Rey, CA
3rd Ryland Rubens – Pacific Beach, CA
4th Crosby Colapinto – San Clemente, CA

Surfing America Prime absolutely scored in Santa Cruz for the first stop of 2013. The temperature warmed up nicely each day under completely sunny skies and the swell lined up throughout the whole weekend and into the last day on Monday. The PacSun USA Surf Team held a workout on Saturday. The results of the workout and trial heats will help coaches Ryan Simmons and Micah Byrne determine the traveling squad that will head to Nicaragua for the ISA World Juniors this summer. Standouts for the boys were Jake Davis, winner of Boys U18 – Griffin Colapinto, double finalist and winner of Boys U16 and John Mel, winner of Boys U14 and who’s dad (Pete Mel) had just won the Mavericks contest the day before his final.

For the girls, PacSun USA Surf Team member Meah Collins absolutely ruled the lineup. Meah’s hard charging style and sick layback hacks put her on top of both the girl’s U16 and U18 finals. The upcoming talent in the Surfing America Prime really turned heads of the local crowd as well. Tyler Gunter, nicknamed “RC Surfer” since he looks like a remote-control toy in the lineup, scored the event’s first perfect 10 on a huge BOMB of a wave. Noah Hill, at the ripe old age of 11 had the highest total heat score of the event as well. The mini-groms really held their own in the macking surf.

Another double finalist, Nolan Rapoza, celebrated his 15th birthday as well as his new Fox ride in Santa Cruz. I spoke with Nolan’s dad during the comp about the new Fox initiative in surfing and it really sounds like they mean business. Look for great things from that company in the surfing world. Immediately after the contest, Executive Director Greg Cruse headed out to China for the ISA China Cup. Check for updates on that event at Next stop for Surfing America Prime is Upper Trestles on February 9 – 10.—Jack McDaniel