‘Surprise Excitement Party’ Available For Download

TransWorld SURF’s Surprise Excitement Party Now On iTunes And DVD


Carlsbad, CA – It’s official. TransWorld SURF releases the latest in surfing entertainment with Surprise Excitement Party on iTunes and in DVD hard copy. Filmed in HD and GoPro 3D, this video is geared to blow you away as it features top surfers in the industry and additional surprise guests as they all show off their skills both on and off the water. This film was edited in true Chris Cote style; beyond the killer line-up of riders, Surprise Excitement Party also includes an epic music playlist, girls in bikinis, cake fights and explosions.

“If you’re the type of person who likes crazy tube-rides, brutal wipeouts, bikini-party food fights, and some of the most classic and entertaining surfing ever caught on tape, you’ll love Surprise Excitement Party,” said TransWorld SURF Editor In Chief Chris Cote. “With a cast that includes Kelly Slater, John Florence, Mark Healey, and more, this flick will have you psyched to surf, party, and live life to the fullest!”

Surprise Excitement Party is now available for download on iTunes here and if you are a fan of TransWorld SURF on Facebook, you will have a chance to win a free download during the iTunes Give Away Contest. TransWorld Surf will be promoting the release of their new film by giving out 2 copies a day for four days, starting today via their Facebook page! Want your very own hard copy of this amazing film? Stop by your nearest surf shop to get your hands on a DVD.

For more news and information on TransWorld SURF or its film, go online to transworldsurf.com.

Retailers interested in showcasing Surprise Excitement Party in your store, contact Joe Picciolo at joe.picciolo@transworld.net.

*Special Andy Irons tribute bonus section free with every download!