Teahupo‘o Roars To Life: Part 2

Teahupo‘o Roars To Life: Part 2

This is one hell of a swell. Normally in the South Pacific a swell will peak at a certain time and slowly fade away as the energy heads toward Mainland Mexico, Hawaii, and the West Coast of the States.

But not this bad boy.

The energy in the water yesterday in Tahiti was every bit as strong as the day before and guys (and a few gals) were once again getting the rides of their lives at Teahupo‘o. Standing out was one of the original Teahupo‘o surfers—Manoa Drollet, and his pal from just up the road, Alain Riou. Wipeout of the day honors may have to to Kalani Chapman for his human scorpion in the pit. French madman Benjamin Sanchis had a horrible wipeout too and was knocked unconscious before being picked up on a ski by his buddy Alain. Heavy shit…

I just checked the local web cam down there, tahiti-webcam.com/teahupoo, and it looks like the swell has dropped into the realm of paddle in surfing. But don’t put those skis away just yet, there could be another big pulse in the coming days…

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Manoa Drollet Teahupoo

Manoa Drollet at Teahupo‘o on Tuesday, May 14, 2013. Photo: Bielmann