Team Additions For Fox’s 2008 Surf Program

Team Additions For Fox’s 2008 Surf Program

Tommy Asing
Tommy Asing, or “Uncle Tommy” as he’s known, comes in strong as the Fox Surf Team Manager for Hawaii. Asing is well known in the industry and is widely respected as not only a surf team manager, but also a mentor.  His main goal will be to promote the Fox brand by assisting in promotions and events, through his efforts and those of the talented surf athletes on the team.  He is also determined to develop each athlete to be the best they can be, in and out of the water, teaching them to be role models of the future.  With 30 years of Karate experience as an instructor and fighter, and 5 time Hawaii State Champ, and longtime history as a surf team manager, there is no doubt that Asing’s firm motivation, strong sense of discipline and exuberant winning style will get the job done.   

Matt Myers
D.O.B.: September 1st 1986
Hometown: Eastside Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Cruz local Matt Myers is a stellar addition to the Fox team bringing along his confident ripping style, keen contest skills and likeable personality.   This 21 year old is a dedicated and passionate surfer focused to be one of the best in the sport.   Myers has huge presence in the water with biggest accomplishments to date being two WQS Event finishes.  

Devon Tresher
D.O.B: June 14, 1986
Hometown: New Smyrna Beach, Fl
With impressive results in both NSSA and ESA competitions, it’s no wonder 21 year old Devon Tresher has been added onto Fox’s surf team.   Devon is one of the fastest riding young surfers to turn up from the East Coast.   He is known to charge some big waves and comes with his strong surfing abilities that have developed from an abundance of traveling and riding different types of wave conditions.    

Ian Crane
Hometown: San Clemente, CA
Ready to take on any challenge, Ian Crane is Fox’s new super grom whose been known to surf some tough choppy conditions.   He’s no stranger to drilling waves and scoring a few 10 pointers, which is why the judges have their eye on him as the next big thing.   Ian’s an NSSA Interscholastic State Champ who’s also taken place finishers at the 2007 NSSA Explorer and 2007 Rip Curl Grom Search.   

JD Lewis
Hometown: Cardiff, CA
Yet another grom to be scooped up by Fox, JD Lewis has been termed the “silent assassin” for his smooth surf style that creeps up unsuspecting against his contest opponents.  He’s one grom who lets his surfing do the talking most notably at the first stop of the 2006 Volcom Stone Blow Fish Surf Series, where he took first place.  JD is dominating the scene as one young gun to look out for in the future.

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