Team Sector 9 Wins 2010 Cali Rally!


The last remaining crew from Sector 9 graciously accept their 2010 Cali Rally Grand Prize—a free lease on a Subaru and the lifelong fame of winning the last ever Cali Rally. Photo: Steindler

Just the other night in an intimate corner of the D. Street Bar And Grill in Encinitas, California, team Sector 9, the self-described “Leather Clad 9-balls” of the 2010 Cali Rally, was deemed winner of the last TransWorld SURF Cali Rally ever. Part scavenger hunt, part surf contest, and part Cannonball Run, the Cali Rally went out with a bang as the leather clad 9-balls doused themselves in beer and whiskey in celebration of their feat.

Despite not winning a single Checkpoint Challenge, the boys from Sector 9 went all out in their quest to win the Cali Rally and took down more cougars, smoked more dreadlock-filled doobies, offended more people, and got harassed by the cops more than any of the other teams, which ultimately led to their victory—and a free lease on a Subaru rally-style car.

While a check signed by Chris Coté may look suspicious, but trust us, it's good. Photo: Steindler

While a check signed by Chris Coté may look suspicious, but trust us, it's good. Photo: Steindler

Congratulations to Team Sector 9! The “Leather Clad Nine Balls” were Rob Molt, Scott Gerrent, Adam Virs, Jarrah Tutton, Ricky Whitlock, Balaram Stack, and 2010 Cali Rally MVP EG Fratantaro!

While I could go on and on about how fun/gay/weird/stupid/amazing/crazy/hilarious the 201 Cali Rally was, the videos from the teams tell the story much better… check out Sector 9’s video below and you’ll see what I mean.—Justin Coté

Above: Sector 9’s Cali Rally winning video. Keep in mind as you watch this that all the shit they’re doing was for points, i.e. “Make out with a cougar for 200 points” or “skate a reef for 100 points” and the disgusting “smoke a dreadlock joint for 150 points.” Childish and vulgar? Yes. Fun as hell and something that can never be copied? Absolutely. Farewell Cali Rally, while our livers and girlfriends won’t miss you, we sure will. Video intended for mature audiences only.

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